Brow Bird

The original, exclusive, expert brow shaper!

Who: Artist, Founder and Texas Licensed Esthetician

As her reputation grew, Jacqueline found herself approached by increasing numbers of women and men who had relocated and seeking to continue her services.  Brow Bird's phoenix logo is fitting as Jacqueline was inspired by thoughts of how to solve relocation issues and continue to evolve and change for the better. In 2020 she launched Brow Bird worldwide, focusing exclusively for each member and making available her secret techniques for clients, women and men, and licensed professionals.  The brand established Jacqueline as one of the leading experts in the field of brow shaping.


Now through Brow Bird's new online programs and internet broadcasts she has propelled the reach of her skills worldwide and is currently working on conducting several hundred seminars for large groups of professionals on this subject, as well as coaching many more women and men on a one-to-one basis.