Brow Bird

The original, exclusive, expert brow shaper!


What's included?

Each membership varies by timeframe (1 class, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months of open classes).  Currently we offer the opportunity to take 1-2 classes (of your choosing) each week.  


How does it work?

Use Brow Bird's app or our online booking and select from Book the Class you would like to attend.  From there you will see the options to select from a variety of Membership types. When you purchase a membership your account will immediately be activated for the timeframe you chose.


When does it start?

Membership begins immediately - you can book any open class (with the exception of designated Licensed Professional requirements for certain classes).


What’s better than the gift of shared knowledge?  Open classes!  This makes a unique gift for yourself (or anyone) - we even have Happy Hour classes where you and ALL of your friends can attend. 

For example:  With the Brow Bird Open Classes 3 month Membership you’ll get to experience at least 3 of our monthly themed classes:  Brow Confidence, Brow Secrets, One Hair Debate, Brow Rehab, Brow Married, Brows and Strong Coffee, etc... ensuring you will always have something new to experience!  Brow Bird Classes are not, nor will they EVER be, "your typical 'girl on YouTube' makeup tutorial sessions". Brow Bird has curated unique things you will ONLY get to experience with Brow Bird - like us, YOUR phoenix is always evolving, changing, and always getting better!  

related items / Quick list of Available open classes:



Join Brow Bird's Club and find a like minded community who wants to improve our Brow Confidence.  Anyone is welcome to attend this class no matter at what level you are today!Join me!

I've spent years researching the psychology of brow confidence to develop a powerful proven process that goes miles beyond makeup tips and traditional cosmetology training.  It has nothing to do with fake-it-til-you-make-it mirror affirmations, or woo-woo spa nonsense that leaves you asking “But what did I actually do?”.

My step-by-step processes have helped thousands of people claim their Brow Confidence and transform their lives to achieve levels of brow happiness that were once unimaginable.

If Brow Confidence is something you've struggled with and desperately want to achieve this class is access to a Brow Bird shared community that embraces the struggles and successes we can all have!

And NOW is the best time ever to do it!

Let me hand you the proven process to claim your Brow Confidence, once and for all, with this shared class we can openly discuss shared results!

Let's change the way you “do brows” forever! 

In these classes we will be going through key items to ensure next steps with your brow plan. 

The best part is, I’ll hand you a set of tools in real time that you can integrate seamlessly into your daily routine to make consistent - and radical - progress for brows of your dreams. 

Remember, YOU always get to decide whether of not you want to change!  My goal is not just to help you understand how (at any level), but to make sure you improve and get the skills you deserve to do this.

We're in this together!