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What to expect.... What is a Private Spa?

To our Current and Future Clients of Brow Bird,

Brow Bird Spa is a reservation only, locked door, entry, by appointment only environment!

Just to be clear:  Your appointment(s) grants YOU access to the assigned highly trained and licensed practitioner and the assigned private room (we have 7 beautifully decorated, clean treatment rooms) within our property specifically to perform the requested service(s) at the highest level possible without any distractions or hindering phones, etc so you get the best possible treatment and outcome for your service results.  Yes of course we take this seriously and we focus on YOU - that is what you have hired us for and you deserve it!  Your privacy and the dedication to YOU is our priority (outside chaos will not be welcome)!  We are a private spa and an acquired appointment does NOT include an invitation to access the building, or any part of the property, for friends, family, boyfriends, girlfriends, children, pets, guests, etc.  Access respectfully requires an appointment(s).  We want all of our invited guests to experience the tranquility and privacy they have come, and will continue to anticipate, and we will continue to honor this as a business practice.  

Brow Bird Spa is your retreat away from daily stress, even if your appointment(s) are the short ones!

Cancellation Policy:

Your treatment time is reserved just for YOU!   If you cannot make the scheduled appointment it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CANCEL ONLINE AT LEAST 24 HOURS PRIOR TO THE TIME OF YOUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT.   Please note: Brow Bird reserves the right to charge 50% of services booked if YOU DO NOT cancel your appointment ONLINE within 24 hours. Gift Certificates will be re-reduced to half their value.  "NO SHOWS" will be charged 100% of services booked.  ALL CANCELLATIONS / BOOKINGS / WAIT LIST / ACCOUNT CHANGES ARE DONE ONLINE - use your email address to access your account. 

Agreement to the Cancellation Policy is specifically addressed and agreed to in order to make the reservation final in our booking system.

LATE TO APPOINTMENT POLICY:  If you arrive 9 minutes late or more to your appointment you will be considered a "NO SHOW" and will need to reschedule.  One or two late appointments cause the entire daily schedule to fall behind.  This is an inconvenience to everyone.  We strive to see every client as close to their appointment time as possible so please don't be late!

Financial policy:


We  accept  cash, personal checks, Venmo, Zelle, MasterCard, Visa, AMEX and Discover. 

Returned checks are subject to a service charge of $35.00, in addition to any bank fees, and you will lose privilege to write checks to Brow Bird. 

Deposits:  Any deposits held are final, no refunds for any reason.  This includes $1 booking non refundable fee charged for each service booked - it will be credited toward the service(s) if the appointment is kept, it will not be refunded if the appointment is cancelled or "no showed".  Deposits are not transferable and are final.

Services:  Receipt of payment will conclude service(s) requested and reflect customer’s satisfaction towards service(s) rendered.

Products:  All product purchases are FINAL SALE.  No returns or exchanges.

Gift Certificates:  All Gift Certificate purchases are FINAL SALE. No returns or exchanges. Gift Certificates will be applied exactly as referenced per stated service or amount and cannot be changed.  The expiration date will appear on the Gift Certificate for the recipient.  Gift Certificates expire 364 days from purchase date.

Child Policy:

We, at Brow Bird, write this notice with the utmost respect to the parents of our massage, waxing and skin spa.  We understand that this can be a sensitive issue. 

Moving forward, we will be implementing a written policy regarding no children in our spa.  We strive to provide a quiet, spa environment for all of our clients to enjoy.  A spa facility is as an inappropriate environment for children.  Children who accompany their parents’ appointments or children who are unattended in our spa pose a work safety issue as well.  Our treatment rooms have professional, sharp implements, chemicals, hot hair removal tools, and glass enclosed retail items.  If something were to happen to your child, it would not only be devastating to you and your family, it would be equally as devastating to us as a company. 

Please make arrangements for childcare when booking your future appointments.

During your appointment reservation we are committed to providing the best possible service and would like avoid potential distractions in advance!

If the child is a minor (under age) hold has a reservation / appointment(s) we encourage parents to visit our spa with their child.

We write this notice without the intent of offending, but to give adequate notice to acquire child care arrangements in advance of your appointments.  This will aid us keeping our new spa environment a safe and quiet space for all our special clients to enjoy!

Please contact us if you have concerns or questions about our written policies.


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